Sensory shape sorter


Can your little one put the different shapes through the right holes? They can use the sensory shape toy with beads on a cord to practise until they succeed! They can spend hours concentrating on this. The beads never get lost because they are on a cord! So, you can easily take the shape toy everywhere. The different shapes, materials and colours stimulate your child’s tactile development, motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Stimulates development of motor skills;
  • Stimulates development of hand-eye coordination;
  • Sensory play;
  • Get to know different shapes, materials and colours, and textures while playing;
  • The shapes never get lost because they are on a cord;
  • Endless reuse and play pleasure;
  • Easy to take everywhere
  • Sensory shape toy with beads
Art. nr. :  13105
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